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3 Main SEO Steps to Take After You Launch a New Website

I can’t talk too much about this topic .so I’m directly going through our 3 steps which I will discuss given below :

1st step: Structure your website for your target keywords :

It is the most important step for any web developer.So you need to conscious about this step. The main idea of this step is

The structure of your website has a huge effect on its ability to rank. In order to rank effectively for your target keywords, you need to structure your website so that each page targets its own set of closely related, highly relevant keywords.For example, pretend you’re launching a website for a men’s shoe shop. You sell a variety of different men’s shoes, from leather shoes and boots to sports shoes. You’d like each category to rank for its target keywords and attract searchers looking for a specific type of shoe.This means breaking down your website’s structure into categories, with each category aimed at a different search keyword. Below, I’ve included an example site structure, with the homepage targeting the main keyword (“Men’s shoes”) and subpages for each secondary keyword:

2nd step: Optimize your title tags for each primary keyword :

Your title tag is the text that Google will display as your page title for every search result, as well as the text that will display in the user’s browser when they visit your page. It’s important that all of your pages have title tags that are optimized for their target SEO keywords.A good title tag should accurately describe the content on your page while mentioning the main keyword you’re targeting for SEO.

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3rd step: Add engaging, action-focused meta descriptions:

The meta description is the short snippet of information that appears below your website’s title and URL in Google’s search engine results. Although meta descriptions aren’t a ranking factor, it’s important to give each page on your website a relevant, keyword-focused meta description.One reason for this is that your meta description can have a huge effect on your page’s CTR, or click through rate. A detailed meta description will encourage users to click your result instead of a competing website, increasing your total share of search impressions.

In this post, I try to discuss briefly who are thinking about to make a new web site.

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  1. SEO is one of the major tool for websites. Generally people have misconception about SEO with key words, tags and metas. Beside keywords, metas and tags, foundation of search engine optimization lies on other factors also.
    1. Content Quality
    2. Content Research
    3. Content words or keywords used
    4. Freshness of content
    5. Quality of the links.
    6. Engagement of audiences
    Now, perform a research and understand what sort of contents are your potential clients looking for. Design an awesome website, create relevant and high quality contents according to your target audiences and do have a easy sharing feature on it. This will see you increase the number of visitors on your website.

  2. Few common things about domain name:
    Domain is a single universal identity for the host and it can find the web address. Every address has a unique and used to access to find the website. Domain names are put as suffix which are .com, net, org. Different domain represent respective significant. “.com” domain names are mostly used by commercial website. “.org” websites are often used by non-profit organizations. Some Domain represent it Country such as”.dk” (Denmark) or “.bd” (Bangladesh), which are easily known to country and also audience.


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