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5 Ways to earn money on YouTube

If You want to earn money on YouTube, you’ll need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program and be accepted into the (YPP) called the YouTube Partner Program. I will share with you 5 best ways to earn money on youtube.

earn money on YouTube

Revenue from advertising

As a YouTuber, it is a very basic and easy way to earn money on youTube. As you may already know, most YouTubers make money from video ads. The revenue comes from the ads we see before and during the various YouTube videos. However, the amount of revenue from each ad is very much limited to Google itself. YouTubers don’t even know how much he’s earning from that particular ad. However, a preliminary idea is found that the revenue per thousand views is about three to ten dollars.

And the funniest thing about YouTube is that once one of your videos becomes popular, it will continue to be your revenue as long as the video stays on your channel. As long as ads continue to be shown in your videos, you will continue to earn money.

Earnings through affiliate links

Since the revenue from advertising is not always very attractive, YouTubers have come up with more creative ways to earn money. For this, you have to go to a contract with a company, and they have to put the link of their product in your video description and tell you about this product in the video. Whenever someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you will get a certain amount of money as commission. It benefits the company as well as you, as it sells its products as well as the marketing of their company.

Fans Donation

The channel’s fans also watch your video and donate some money from their own pockets on YouTube. This is done through a process called patron. This process has been created for new YouTubers to get funding for their channel from viewers.

Suppose you have opened a channel and you are not earning much from it. But in the meantime your channel’s fans want you to continue making videos. And in that case, they will give you a donation so that you can continue making videos. However, it is not usually possible to make a lot of money through these donations. And so this donation system can’t make anyone rich overnight.

Sell their own products

It usually happens that all YouTubers have a lot of fans. Then by making a T-shirt, keyring, bag, etc. with the logo of that channel, it can be sold to the fans of the channel. Even so, many YouTubers are now making a lot of money.


This is one of the best ways to earn money on youtube. If your YouTube channels that already have a lot of viewers and fans. Some companies will then pay you so that you mention that company in your video. Sometimes the company will pay you a lot of money so that you can make videos in a way that promotes the company. It’s like you have a TV channel and someone is funding you to advertise there.

But in order to make money in this way, your channel videos need to have a lot of views, because only then will a company be willing to fund you for their own promotions.

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