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Benefits of Coffee and Reasons to Drink It Daily

The benefits of coffee are numerous, recent studies have even scientifically proven these benefits of coffee. Some of those benefits of coffee are instantaneous and some are long term. However, research also appears to point out some risks linked to high coffee intake.
We’ve compiled a list of the best science-backed facts and reasons to get your daily intake of coffee.

Coffee Increases Mental Sharpness

Coffee is a powerful stimulant, It helps signals your brain produce more dopamine and adrenaline and therefore improve your memory and reaction times. Researchers also discovered a lower chance of developing brain diseases in individuals that consume coffee.

Coffee is a Good Source of Nutrients

Coffee tastes good, a fun way to get your daily intake of caffeine. Not only that but also very rich in nutrients like folates, magnesium, and potassium.

Coffee Relieves Headaches

If you suffer from headaches then you can consider using coffee to help relieve the effect.
Caffeine is used as an ingredient in pills that treat headaches. Coffee was also used to treat some forms of mild headaches. It’s definitely not a good long term solution, and if your symptoms persist you might want to see a doctor.

Coffee Helps You Get Rid of The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

This is the reason the majority of people consume coffee. You might be surprised by how powerful of an effect coffee can have on sleepy people. Even the slight smell of coffee can give you an energy boost.

Coffee Helps You Lose Weight

Coffee does help you burn fat, the green coffee extract is proven to be an important factor in helping several pre-obesity subjects reach their normal weight. According to a 22-weeks study of 16 overweight adults, researchers have found that participants consuming green coffee bean extract had gone through significant weight loss transitioning from a pre-obesity state to a normal weight range.

Coffee is good for your teeth

Coffee and Teeth staining can be one of the downsides of coffee, but there are beneficial effects as well. Coffee can help prevent the formation of plaque and therefore help prevent dental decay with its antibacterial capabilities.

Coffee and disease prevention

Caffeine has a very important influence on your immune system. Many chronic conditions like heart disease and autoimmune system diseases are in the majority caused by inflammation. Coffee can be a good way to reduce this harmful effect.

This is a list of some diseases:

  • Protection against liver cirrhosis
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease prevention
  • Coffee can help with depression and reduces suicide risk
  • Helps with the prevention of some skin cancers
  • Coffee consumers have less risk of getting heart disease
  • Lower risk of Multiple Sclerosis and a lot of other health benefits…

Finally, research on this subject is always ongoing, and we can already see a lot of benefits from it. You can always enjoy your cup of coffee but you have to remember that everyone’s situation is different. For most people, It can be beneficial when included in the diet as long as you don’t consume it in excess as It can have some bad effects.
Always remember: Moderation is Key

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