Control Your High Blood Pressure

The 17 May is the International High Blood Pressure Day. This day is being observed from the 17 May 2005 every year to increase public consciousness and to encourage the public to be able to get rid of the disease.

One of the high lights of World High Blood Pressure Day ┬áis “Healthy Life Style – Healthy Blood Pressure”. Blood pressure is the thrust of blood stream against blood vessel or blood vein’s wall.The more the thrust the higher the Blood pressure. High Blood Pressure : When blood pressure increases it abnormally changes the function of heart and do severe harm to blood veins. Pressure above 120/80 is called high blood pressure. It can do harm to heart, lungs, veins,brain, even to kidneys if it is not treated in time. High blood pressure is a threat to life and is against the life fitness.

Suggestions: You can check your high blood pressure following health friendly lifestyle and living healthy life with life fitness.

1. Control Sodium salt : The main ingredient of salt we take with food is sodium, contains and holds more water in the body and increases blood pressure which is an extra burden for the heart.It’s a must to avoid taking raw salt with food. Canned soup and other canned food contains much salt. These foods should be avoided.

2. Control stress : Mental stress can increase blood pressure. Some other unhealthy habits develop such as drinking alcohol, smoking etc also may develop due to stress. These habits decrease life fitness!

3. Over weight or obesity can increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Fat food and sugary items should be cut from the food list. Instead you can add veges, proteins and ash foods in your food list.

4. Some women may suffer high blood pressure during the 2nd stage of pregnancy. This is also very dangerous for pregnant mothers. So, regular blood tests should be done routine wise during pregnancy period for appropriate life fitness.

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