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What is Moola Vine!

Moola Vine is a simple affiliate program in which your Clickbank and JVzoo affiliate links will be placed. Every time you make sales you get paid from the respective networks. Instead of going after people to sell, the system makes people chase you to purchase products from you, meaning any products you’d like to sell to your entire Moola Vine downlines.

There are two ways to become a Moola Vine affiliate member. You can register as a free account and purchase the product from your sponsor or mentor or directly activate the Moola Vine membership by upgrading, the cost for the membership is $30 per month.

You can ever try this system for 5-day trial using PayPal preapproved option.
How Moola Vine Works!

Moola Vine may seem free at first but it is actually not. As a free member, you might need to purchase a product of the Clickbank listed by your sponsor. Once you purchased, you basically eligible for making an income from the entire network of Vine, meaning from your downlines.

On the other hand, you can directly pay the membership fee and get marked as ” Evergreen” which mean you don’t need to purchase any Clickbank products. – Moola Vine Scam or Legit – Reviews

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