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Salesforce CRM has been creating new business opportunities for people worldwide. It never fails to provide people with the latest ideas with the help of which they can easily expand their business and generate higher revenue. It is always up with the updated trends in the technological market in order to empower its users to stay in the lead always. Well, we must not miss some major trends that are still alluring people at their best level. One of them is texting. Yes, that’s right. Text messages have always been the ultimate savior of the people when it comes to marketing. Now, Salesforce has also integrated with this powerful functionality for smoother and enhanced workflow. The concept of Salesforce Text Messaging has been blowing the minds of people in the most unusual ways by providing them with maximum output in a single go.

SMS or Short message service has been among the most convenient communication mediums, and still, it is in use because of their efficient and heavy dependency. It can definitely be a game-changer for all those whose prime job is to send out multiple campaigns in a day to get in touch with relevant customers, prospects and business partners. As per a survey, it was revealed that emails had only 35% open rates, whereas texts had 97% open rates that too within the first 3 minutes. A few things like these contribute to making text messages more reliable than any other communication channel.

Well, Salesforce too, is not far behind when it comes to experimenting with new things to get desired results. Integrating its platform with text messaging is definitely a bigger step, as it encourages people to make the best use of it and use texts to communicate with their business prospects and market vendors. Salesforce Text Messaging is definitely something that should not be missed if you wish to establish yourself well in this competitive market. There is no denying the fact that there are higher chances of a successful business firm if they are equipped with the latest technologies.

On a concluding note, it can be said that technological integrations like these should be chosen as soon as possible to ensure a brighter future for your business in the long run. It is highly advisable to act fast on such things. Are you looking for the best Salesforce Text Messaging app that can provide you with the greatest results? We might ease your tension here. 360 SMS App is natively built on Salesforce, it can be your one-stop texting solution allowing you to make better relationships with people directly or indirectly associated with your business.

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