Anxiety and Pandemic

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    The anxiety and the pandemic, two words that combined may cause some disturbance in the entire world because there are some many people who suffer from many types of anxiety and many kinds of mental disorders on which a pandemic may contribute to grow up into them like claustrophobia and panic attacks. And I’m not talking about just a few people who suffers from this if not, a lot of people actually got these types of mental disorders and the pandemic itself made it increase a lot more than ever before like some pandemics that have been up to this day.

    Some people has always said that anxiety isn’t a real problem and it doesn’t exist. A lot more just make jokes about that because they don’t believe that actually that people may suffer anxiety attacks or ‘panic attacks’ and don’t really know about what the person feels in such moments that are going through because actually don’t get anything about that kind of topics and don’t believe anything about that. Some people can actually understand what they’re going through because they may be open minded or some of them may have passed something related to that or may have some family who has passed this out.

    The pandemic has affected a lot of things in these moments but about the topic may have been affecting a lot more because of problems between the families, the couples, the business and many other things. Many troubles start because of the economic stuff and also the personality of the persons who live together with the others and that can create some tense ambient at home and this may be appliqued to the job, to the partner and many other situations. There’s just a tense ambient in these days because of the actual situation around the world and that influenced – and created too – a lot of situations based on the relationships that were before it began. Some of them have broken up for different causes or reasons like the couple can’t stand with each other, the economic stuff, If I could name every single cause of rupture in a house I wouldn’t even finish to complete the entire list of every single reason why everything is turning upside down in some ways.

    By the way, the world has always had problems, I can’t deny that, there’s always been anxiety, there’s always been depression, mental and physical diseases and disorders that have created chaos in some ways and for the old times were considered as ‘strange’, ‘weird’ things and even possession in the medieval age. The anxiety and the pandemic times are always combined even when they are separated things but one of them can be created without the other and they can be created at the same time, there is never going to be anything that can changed for that kind of stuff, at least for the time being. The entire society can be changed with changing the thoughts…

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