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    The infection of the mucus membrane of the stomach is called gastritis.
    There are two types of gastritis:
    The reason behind acute gastritis:
    1.Excessive spicy food
    2.Very full meal
    3.Very hot or cold food
    4.Reason of pneumonia, typhoid, diphtheria( actually consuming the antibiotic to get rid of these diseases is the main reason behind gastritis)
    5.consuming chemical poison like phosphorus, mercury, arsenic, ammonia
    Symptoms of acute gastritis:
    1.Mucus Membran becomes red and swells
    2.Secration of the gastric juice gets reduced.
    3.The upper part of the stomach gets covered with mucus
    The primary stage of acute gastritis:
    1..Discomfort feeling of the abdomen
    3.Nausia, with vomiting tendency &
    The secondary stage of acute gastritis :
    1.White coat in the tongue.
    2.Increased salivary discharge
    3.Severe pain in the abdomen
    4.Sensitivity of the abdomen
    5.Vomiting, 1st consumed food, then bitter mucus with and sometimes blood & pus mixed vomit
    6.Whole tongue completely dry
    7.Loss appetite
    8.Sometimes fever of 101°F-103°F
    If not properly cured, seem peritonitis
    peptic ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis
    Test: Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen/W/A (whole abdomen test)
    GIT (gastrointestinal tract) test for testing intestine like Duodenum
    Advice to the patient:
    1.avoiding foods which don’t get digest by him
    2.Drinking lukewarm(2 glass in the morning ) regularly,
    3.consuming liquid food as much as possible
    Chronic gastritis:
    1.Mucus membrane severely swells
    2.A lot of changes in the muscle of the stomach and ulcer
    1.not chewing food properly
    2.Consuming very much carbohydrate
    3.A lot of cold water during food
    4.Anemea, tuberculosis, arthritis, diabetes
    5.Abdominal abnormality, Liver gets hard, the problem of heart( enlargement of the heart=cardiomegaly), the problem of lunge
    6.Acute Appenditities, longtime stomatitis, pyorrhea
    The symptom of acute gastritis
    1.Abnorma hunger
    2.After eating, restlessness and abdominal pain
    4.Randomly headache/insensitive condition of the body/vertigo/rapid pulse/ slow pulse in many cases
    If not cured properly, there have a chance for cancer
    1.Stoping alcohol, tea, spicy food
    2.Consuming lukewarm water, consuming easy digestive, avoiding leaf in the dinner

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