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    The most broadly acknowledged meaning of wellbeing is that of the World Health Organization Constitution. It states: “wellbeing is a condition of finish physical, mental and social prosperity and not simply the nonattendance of infection or illness” (World Health Organization, 1946). In later years, this announcement has been enhanced to incorporate the capacity to lead a “socially and monetarily profitable life”. The WHO definition is not without feedback, for the most part that it is excessively expansive.


    2 of my buddies registered for WSC months ago and they told me they still have not been approved, just wondering if an admin can pm me about their profiles and maybe get them approved sooner than later.


    I will be out of town in the winter. The car will be stored in a garage in the Midwest for 2-3 months. There will be access to electric.

    What is the best thing to do to ensure that the car battery is still good when I get back?


    Interesting … they may have dumped the prices back down from 10 years ago. When I replaced mine I was looking at 30-40 apiece from the aftermarket places.


    Sold a car a few months ago but the car is still in my name

    I dont have a formal notice of disposal but i do have a written reciept that is signed with all notice of disposal details.

    Anyway i havent copped much other than 10 is tolls no biggie

    But not happy the fact he hasnt transferred though i made it a deal

    Anyway im sure the RTA will accept my reciept

    But my question is, Am i legally allowed to cancel the plates?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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