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    In these convid-19 times, our health declines. We feel depressed, without physical health, without mental health
    Meditation is a valuable and helpful tool that we have.But there is so much information on the internet that we don’t know where to start.
    I am going to give you some simple steps with which you can start your solo at home and start to get all the benefits of meditation.

    Find a place in your house where you feel comfortable, where you can be silent and alone. If you wish, you can place an image of your spiritual teachers, or an image that makes you feel peace. You can also light an incense with the aroma of your choice. At the beginning you can put on some very soft classical music, but over time it is better to leave it. In conclusion, condition a space where you feel calm, serene and in contact with yourself.

    Sit in the way that is as comfortable as possible. Do not get carried away by the postures that you find on the internet, no beginner can perform postures like the lotus flower, which makes him feel frustrated and quits quickly. In fact, people very advanced in meditation do not do this type of posture to meditate.I suggest you start sitting on a chair, if you are more flexible you can sit on the floor with a pillow. But I repeat, choose a posture in which you are really comfortable, the important thing is that your back is as straight as possible. Your hands should rest comfortably on your legs.Closed eyes

    The first step is to relax the body, for this you are going to become aware of each part of your body and releasing the tensions that you find. You can start from the bottom up without losing any space in your body. You can, for example, say I become aware of my feet and I feel any tension there is. And so on up to your crown. You can practice up to this point for a week or two, until you get to relax your body. This will prepare you for meditation.

    Once you have managed to relax your body, we move on to the next step.
    You take the first 5 min to relax your body, as you learned in the previous days. Then you choose a meditation technique, on the internet there are many. I recommend attention to breathing. You are going to concentrate on the whole inhalation process and then on the exhalation process and you count one you repeat until 10. If you get distracted by a thought you start again. You can repeat the series as many times as you want or set a timer starting with five minutes and increasing weekly by two minutes

    Do not worry if thoughts continually come to interrupt you, let them pass like a cloud. Don’t get frustrated, take it as an opportunity to learn to let go of thoughts. You will see over time how they decrease.

    I hope these steps can help you get started in the beautiful world of meditation.
    I hope it helps you regain your physical health, your mental health and your emotional health


    Good to see that the Government allways tries to get people working, especially for those that want to work or start there own business .Truly where do u find that sort of thing Australia is a neat place to be


    good for you, glad you got it sorted out
    we are all lucky that with guys like Mike on here we have a wealth of knowledge to pull from.


    Anyone have a working with children permit for Schools etc…….my reading of the requirements for vic say no as our operation does not put us in direct unsupervised contact with children….But for 81 bucks and a check probably a good safeguard though?????


    Was thinking about buying some items from HLJ, but you have to log in as a member. Has anyone dealt with them? Are they reputable? Any inputs would be appreciated.


    Well they ban him from coming back into the public health system.
    I’m sure he is distraught.

    So why are the local doctors so quiet.?


    Ive bought things from them with never any problem and things arrive surprisingly fast from there. They are one of the best and most reliable hobby sites.


    Newbie from the Midwest, Im new to the site but not motorcycles. I have a 78 cb750 thats about to meet is fate with a portaband and grinder. Im hoping to post pics of this, so more reading will be required on how to do that. Now, where did I set my beer?



    A stamped receiver will be lighter.

    You can get a Romanian AK fixed stock in this area for 320. They are kind of rough looking but reliable.


    There is no question of the importance of a proper diet when it comes to health and preventing disease. Its your suggestion of what constitutes a proper diet thats ill-informed.


    these last 2 posts are the best advice for you predicament, im a machinist and have fixed these before for the local bike shop or some poor guy the thought he could do it himself and fucked it up. im about 3 hours south of u if u ever want to learn how to fix these kind of mistakes. and the old dirty bike shop here fixes and repairs heads and engine cases as well.


    I am not sure I follow exactly what you are saying, but if you think I am talking about quackery, I am happy to illuminate and amplify. Here or offline …


    I have no experience with that particular lid, but years and years ago I bought a Dammtrax Blaster which is essentially the same thing. Only it was like 100 instead of 230. I still have it today and wear it, its a good lid. Research it a bit, if you like it you could save some money.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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