How to fix patchy beard

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    Due to patchy Beard many people having relationship problems, job problems etc. Due to this most of them gets handsome looks. It will cause stress and health problems. To fix this patchy beard problem many home remedies are available instead of going to hospital. Some of the best home remedies are available in few of the websites


    Let It Grow

    The first step to filling in a patchy beard is to let your hair grow while resisting the urge to trim. Wait at least a month before touching a razor so you can see the direction of hair growth and where the patchy spots have camped out. After a month, trim your cheek and jaw line to keep things tidy, and continue letting your hair grow – the longer your beard, the more likely the patches will get lost underneath the rest of your beard bush.

    Take Good Care of Your Facial Hair

    During your hair growth phase, it’s wise to promote new hair growth and keep follicles healthy (both of which make your beard look fuller). Brittle, wiry beard hair only exacerbates a patchy beard.

    To keep your beard in good shape, remember the following:

    Apply beard oil – Beard oil will help tame the itchiness that often nips a new beard (and beardsman) in the bud. The struggle is real, but an alcohol-free beard oil will keep skin and beard moisturized.
    Apply beard balm – Beard balm has just enough hold to help train your facial hairs to grow the direction you want them to grow. Smooth the balm onto hair with your fingers.
    Brush your beard – Use a bristle brush to brush beard hair downwards, which will eventually cover patches and also give your beard a tidy, uniform appearance.
    If you’ve kept up your beard growing and grooming regimen and your mug rug is still looking patchy, you have options:

    Embrace What You’ve Got

    Bruce Springsteen. Bob Dylan. Johnny Depp. Just because your beard is on the thinner side doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. A patchy beard can be a refreshing departure from traditionally groomed facial hair. As GQ puts it, “if the whole package looks sharp, then a patchy beard can add an element of ruggedness.”

    When trimming:

    If your beard is patchy further up, bring the line down the cheek and keep edges sharp.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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