How to reduce weight easily after delivery

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    I want advice all of you who are worried about gaining weight after delivery that pleases don’t bother about it for six months after delivery. Let your baby enjoy the breast milk. For that, you should eat well without thinking about the body shape. When the baby starts taking other food you can start to regain the beauty. It is easy for a normal woman. No need heavy exercise. But avoid eating after 7 pm. At first, it will be the difficult sleeping empty stomach. But you will be alright with this new habit. And don’t eat stomach full anytime. take more fruits instead of rice and other heavy foods. One time in a day you can take rice or wheat items. It will give a good result if you don’t have other health issues. I tried and reduced 7 kg in four months. Go with it. All the best.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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