Starting a business in the Artificial Intelligence Domain

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    Hey folks, It’s 2018 and it’s like the beginning of the world using products and services related to AI.

    So products and services that are manufactured in developed countries hold much higher preferences than a product or service manufactured from an under-developed country.

    My discussion here being, what should be the ideal mode to come up with a product or service in an under-developed country especially when the mindset of most of the people in the under-developed countries is set to manpower and man-hours.

    So can we say that the chances of developing an AI related product or service in an under-developed country is lower than what it is in a developed country?

    This discussion holds great importance because until now most of the work from countries like US, UK, and several other countries were being outsourced to countries like China & India. So is it like these countries hold lesser chances of getting settled with AI technologies.

    We can proceed from here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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