What is Check Printing Software and how important is that for a Business!!

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    What is Check Printing Software and how important is that for a Business!!

    Check printing software is a computer program or programs that can easily create and print beautiful checks simply by entering the desired data into the blank fields in the computer program. Check printing software restructures and simplifies a company’s payment process by printing checks, complete with MICR characters and encrypted digital signatures on to blank security check paper. The software combines details from the accounting system with pre-configured check templates and prints them onto blank security check paper. Customer data can be imported from either existing accounts payable or payroll systems.
    Almost all check printing software have features like password protection, check preview, encryption. They also include a security system that reduces user error and thereby deters fraud. Branch information including the branch name, address, logo, and routing number are stored in the database.
    The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, or Check 21 Act allows authorized recipients of a check to convert it to a digital form. This conversion is done by capturing an image and then sending a batch file to the Federal Reserve Banks (FRB) for credit, as if it were the actual check. Check printing software’s are designed to capture these images.
    Check printing software use simple graphical user interface for set-up and operation, which can be reconfigured any time. The software automatically optimizes image data to produce high-speed printer output. The software is capable of providing daily reports for print production analysis as well as detailed audit reports. Check printing software enable secure, flexible and cost effective solutions for check printing.
    Printing checks has become very common. It is done in order to avoid complications, as it provides utmost ease of use. It is become an easy task and any one with a computer, a printer and check printing software can print innumerable checks. It is a growing phenomenon and widely accepted, as it is faster and less expensive to print checks.
    The most essential object required to print free checks is check-printing software. Check printing software provides a cost effective channel to print payroll checks, as well as pay bills. The software can be downloaded free from the Internet, and is compatible with other financial programs for home and office use. This software facilitates the use of blank security paper in order to convert it into checks, with all the relevant company information, and it is free. The information may include company logos, encoded number, signatures and stamps. Many financial institutions, insurers and payroll companies have accepted free check printing as a major in house function. Checks are a mode of exchanging money, and are regulated by the federal government. The government states that only blank check security paper with all the safety features should be used for the purpose of printing checks. This keeps a check on misappropriation and fraud. Large companies that print business checks, save a lot of money, as pre-printed checks are expensive to order.
    Most of the software used to print free checks also function as a reconciliation of accounts, and includes additional information printing facilities on a voucher. A secure database allows encryption of data, which includes signatures and logos, in addition to other confidential information.
    There are many companies that have begun to offer their service to print logos on checks for free. However the buyer needs to place an order for the checks. These companies require the format of the check that needs to be printed and a sharp image of the logo in a digital picture format.
    Printing checks in-house often presents a viable cost-cutting alternative to purchasing books of pre-printed checks from check manufacturers or banks. In addition to the cost savings, printing checks in-house allows businesses and individuals to customize check formats and design while printing only as many checks are as needed. Most printers can be used to print checks, from large office printers to home office printer scanner copiers, but before checks can be printed, software must be used to design the check’s format.
    Some types of accounting and bookkeeping software include check printing in their application packages. Other types of software concentrate solely on check printing, without other bookkeeping applications.
    Software for Check Printing Only
    Software which is designed only for printing checks rather than full-service accounting may provide a cost-effective solution for certain applications. While small businesses and in-home offices may find it most convenient to rely on all-in-one software applications, larger businesses and offices may want to dedicate a particular printer and computer to printing checks only, without having check creation be tied through a software system to the business’s other bookkeeping activities.
    By using software for check printing alone, businesses avoid having to purchase multiple editions of bookkeeping software, which may help to cut costs. Software applications for printing checks range in cost from $15 to $130, a range which is comparable to combination bookkeeping software.
    OnlineCheckWriter.Com, Versa Check Gold, Check soft, Instil Check and Just Checking are a few of the highest rated software applications currently available.
    Bookkeeping and Check Printing Combination Software
    Whether a check printing or combination bookkeeping software application is best for a business depends largely on the size of the business and how bookkeeping transactions are handled. For small business owners, work-from-home professionals and individuals, it’s likely that all accounting activities are performed together, so combination accounting software is most likely the most appropriate software. Costs for both types of software vary significantly, so neither type of software has a significant cost advantage.
    Accounting software applications with the highest rated applications include: Quicken, QuickBooks and Goldenseal, although Versa Check Gold does include invoicing and credit card transaction tracking capabilities.
    Other Features to Consider
    Accounting and payroll software program capabilities vary, so it’s a good idea to first determine exactly what you need from your software before purchasing. Some software programs include MICR check line printing, allowing custom MICR printing, while others exclude this, expecting the business owner to use check stock with pre-printed MICR data. Other features which vary from program to program include custom logo and graphic options, font customization, printable signature and personal check options.


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