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Hair Fall Causes and It’s Solution

Hair fall is an uncomfortable experience. Day-to-day hair is becoming thinner, which means that there is a lot of people who are drowsing or being bald.

Hair fall or baldness is in two ways:

  1. The entire hair fall falls. The palate or skin of the head is very easily seen.
  2. In some parts of the head, hair fall in the form of round balls.

An estimated number of head hair is about 1 lakh, of which 70 to 100 hair fall every day. That means it is normal to read 100 hair every day. But when the hair of this hair is over 100, then the palm of the head becomes empty.

Overall, the whole head hair can fall due to:

Hair tension:

There is a conventional idea that the hair is tighter before bedtime and the hair is quickly waxed after sleeping. This is a complete misconception. Depending on how long the hair is genetic hormones and nutrients. Rather, it is inverted. The hair that goes away from the head for a few days and then it falls further due to excessive tension.


Hair may fall suddenly after two to five months after childbirth. The head becomes almost empty The process continued for two to six months. But the hope is that the hair is full again.

In the newborn condition:

Newborn’s head hair falls apart in 4 months after birth. Will my child’s hair become less afraid of parents? No, there is nothing to worry about. Hair grows again after 6 months of age. Occasionally due to nutrition, hair loss may be a little late.

After fever:

Acute a fever such as pneumonia, suddenly after 2-3 to 4 months of becoming typhoid, hair starts to become thin and almost thin. Growth may be a little late.

Psychological reason:

If there is more mental discomfort or anxiety, hair falls.


Some medicines such as cancer medicines, which just cause hair loss, also do so.


Many people suddenly quit eating and drinking due to weight or fat reduction. Suddenly, due to lack of food, hair can fall as it is due to malnutrition.

Androgen hormones:

Men are at the age of 20 to 30 years of age due to men’s hormones and on the two sides of the forehead and in the middle part of the head. It is also called hereditary bald.


Drugs that can be grown in the market are used to prevent such ancestry and toxicity. Whose scientific name is phenosteroid. These drugs are only for boys under the supervision of Dermatologist. Girls can not eat.

Hair fall for Dandruff :

Dandruff is one of the reasons for head hair becoming thin: Powdered powdered peas in the head may be known as dandruff. But sometimes it is not seen in the skin, there is only oil on the head. If this cavity can be kept under control, it can be kept for 10 to 20 years. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a year’s age for 5 months. But knowing one thing is good, dandruff or oily skin is mostly influenced by hormone (endrogen). So it is possible to control dandruff, but it is not possible to dandrule. Since the endrogen hormone should not be reduced. Keep the hair clean at all times, but the dandruff problem will be removed somewhat.

  1. Headache of the head: In this case, the patient woke up one day and noticed that some parts of the round baldness fell on the head.
  2. The skin of the affected area is smooth, there are no itching or saliva, no scabs.
  3. The conventional idea is that cockroach has eaten hair.
  4. No, this is a complete misconception.
  5. The condition may increase in the entire head and even the body hair.

To prevent hair fall, we need to:

  • Do not accumulate water at the beginning of the hair.
  • When the hair starts grease, dry it quickly.
  • Keep your hair dryer in cool and low settings and use flat iron less.
  • Give shampoo to the head after one day or two days.
  • Do not paint your hair more than one or two shades over its normal color.
  • Remove your head with a clean and dry towel or towel.
  • Wash your pillow cover thoroughly after one or two weeks or at least once a month.
  • Unclear hair with clean cloth, but not loud enough.
  • Do not bend wet hair, do not mix, do not stretch too much.
  • It is not good to tie too much hair.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, fish, fruits, milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, pulses etc., keep in mind that daily food contains zinc, vitamin B, vitamin D, foil, calcium and iron.
  • Shampoo does not come to the house to shampoo hair.
  • It is better to use head conditioning on the heads of head.
  • Do not shave your head in the rain.
  • Get asleep as needed at night.
  • Stay away from the cosmetics that produce extra heat on your head.

So we must be aware of the hair fall. And when the hair starts to fall, proper action will be taken.

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