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Today, the results of Decisions = Tomorrow Where you are today is the result of decisions you made in the past. And remember, this is not a piece of chocolate cake that will cause a person to become obese overnight. No, it is the repeated bad decisions made over many years, resulting in obesity. Similarly, making a single decision “stand-alone ” exercise today will not have the desired effect. But the decision to exercise regularly, and do the exercise – that will make a difference, guaranteed! Remember, you have total control over your decisions. Will you use to get closer to your goal weight? Or will you leave your decision not to exercise because of your target weight (and any additional benefits, such as improved health ) to slip away from you?     What exercise equipment? Many people ask this question. What exercise equipment should I buy? My short answer is – No! And the long answer: It is not mandatory to have an exercise machine. Many people buy machines because they believe it will make them feel guilty to see that expensive machine sitting in the corner of the room, and these feelings of guilt will encourage them to use it. Do not fool yourself with this lie! Just look at the second-hand stores how many brand new machines they exercise. You will be surprised! Once the feelings of guilt begin to appear on the exercise machine password! There is only one machine that will make you exercise, and the machine is written BRAIN. You must decide whether to exercise. And you can do it without machines. I’m not saying that exercise machines are bad – they are not. But too many people lose their money on them when they do not have to overcome their mental block against the exercise. Once you become accustomed to the exercise, then you can buy a machine if you still want one.     possible exercises Do aerobic exercises. They are a great way to get in better shape and they will help you increase your heart rate, and in doing so will help your body burn more fat. To do this, three to five times a week and you will soon start to feel better and start losing weight. What are good aerobic exercises do? hiking Brisk walking for 30-60 minutes at a time does wonder for your circulation and will cause your body to start burning fat. This is something that you can even make your lunch hour. It will not only help you exercise much needed, it will also cause you to be much more alert after lunch when everyone has lost most of their energy. Besides the cost of a pair of decent walking shoes that cost you nothing. Swimming is one of the best types of exercises you could do. If possible, you can also do it on your lunch hour. Imagine how refreshed that will make you feel when you get to the office! If you can not make it in for lunch, what would you say stop to the public pool on your return home so after work for a swim in the pool? Again, it will cost you very little. bike You do not need an expensive bike race to exercise. A normal bike ” every day ” works very well. It should be reliable enough to bring you safely home.

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