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Fight Kidney disease : Avoid Diarrhea And Hypertension

Kidney diseases have appeared as dangerous health problems in our planet. We can overcome this situation through our cares and shares with some positive lifestyles in our daily life. It’s possible to reduce the rate of kidney failures to a great extent through detecting the disease in its primary stage.

Many of us simply not aware of the fact that sudden kidney failure may happen from diarrhea. During diarrhea attack, water or body fluid reduces tremendously which may turn to severe kidney failure. The patient could be fortunate enough if the victim is taken quickly to kidney specialist or under specialist’s care and advice.  Special care should be taken, so that water deficit do not happen during diarrhea attack. Sufficient water, fluid or saline should be given to the patient at this time. During diarrhea attack, salt or electrolyte disbalance may occur. That’s why oral saline plays a great roll to overcome water deficiency and a shortage of salt in the body. It’s important to monitor whether the urine disposal has been reduced or stopped totally. Vomiting tendency, unusual swelling beneath eyes or chick, whether blood pressure lowered, increased heart beats, feeling physically weaker; if these symptoms are observed in patients, immediate consultation with a specialist is a must. Kidney failure can be determined by blood and urine tests.

Not only during diarrhea sudden kidney failure may occur due to consumption of analgesic or antibiotic medicines without consulting a doctor. Painkillers and antibiotic medicines should be used with proper consultation and medical prescription.

Kidney diseases and hypertension are very closely related with one another. Those who are suffering high blood pressure for a quite long time have high risks of kidney failures. In the same way, those who are suffering kidney problems they can attain high blood pressure.

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