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Peanut : A Wonderful Nutrient Food

On the park bench and at gatherings most popular and cheap item is fried peanut in many countries. It’s also called groundnut or earthnut. Peanut contains plenty of proteins which help to build our body and body muscles. It contains one kind of acid called the acid which reduces harmful fat and cholesterol and increases redemptive cholesterol. To retain youthfulness for a long timeĀ  there is not alternative of it.

Peanut is a rich source of B-Vitamins. It’s better to eat directly natural peanut rather than processed or packed peanut. It contains mineral salt manganese which the essential salt for our body. Manganese makes teeth and gum stronger and makes skin and hair healthy and shining.

Iron is the main ingredient to produce blood in our body. To ensure bloodstream in the body iron plays a great roll. Peanut also helps in this action.

Pregnant mother, fetus, growing up kids and for older people peanut is a very fruitful and nutrient item. Peanut contains plenty of Zink. Zink helps to recover after diarrhea very quickly. Diabetic patients shouldn’t take peanut if there is any problem in their kidney. You can take peanut if diabetes is under control. It helps to reduce high blood pressure.

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