Heart Disease | 5 Tips to Save Your Health and Fitness

For those who want to be safe from heart diseases and heart attacks, there are 5 tips to Save Your health and fitness suggested by the scientists of the American Heart Association after very recent researches.

PHYSICAL LABOR: Your physical activities will reduce the risks of heart diseases. Daily at least 30 minutes’ physical labor or physical exercise will do for your cardiovascular health and sound physique. Regular physical exercise reduces blood pressure, increases good cholesterol level, controls blood sugar, obesity and brings feelings of sound physique and ensures your health and fitness.

CONTROL CHOLESTEROL LEVEL: Cholesterol is one kind of soft granular substance which remains within our blood and body cells and a great danger to your health and fitness, Cholesterol is a natural ingredient of our body which helps in the production of hormone and builds cell membranes. But an excess of cholesterol increases the risks of heart diseases and blood veins. There are two sources of cholesterol. One is our body and another is our food. 75% of cholesterol that remains in our body is produced by our liver and body cells the other 25% come from our foods.

CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE: High blood pressure is the main cause of heart attacks. Uncontrolled blood pressure harms greatly and may be fatal. It is called the silent killer. Because it remains with us without any symptom. Recent studies show that everyone in three American carries high blood pressure.

REMAIN FREE FROM SMOKING: So many immature deaths can be resisted by giving up smoking totally. Smoking clots fat matters within blood veins and create atherosclerosis. We can get rid of atherosclerosis by resisting these bad habits by giving up these bad habits for ever and save our health and fitness.

KEEP YOUR BODY WEIGHT CONTROLLED: Those who are 20 or over suffer from overweight or obesity. Obesity or overweight is accused of coronary artery diseases. Overweight contributes to bad cholesterol in our body and total contrary to our health and fitness.

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