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How to Make Money with Photography?

Career Possibilities of Photography

Photography is one kind of art. At the present time to earn money through photography. Nowadays we know about freelancing everybody. At the same time, the thing that can be earned in the online marketplace in exchange for the work of freelancing is not unknown to anyone. But did you know that you can make money online through photography? So today we will discuss how you can make money in the freelancing marketplace only through photography.

How to Make Money with Photography?

You don’t need the best camera equipment to sell your own photos. You can make money with your smartphone snapshots. Because the most important thing is the photographer and how he wants to make money through photography: The fastest way is to upload her photos to one of the numerous stock photo portals. Stock photography is seen as a quick alternative, but very little for the image of each sale brings. Here you need to rely on quantity rather than quality and hundreds of photos need to be uploaded so that it can be successful next time. You need a little more luck so that potential customers can find your photos in their digital catalog. You can do better at weddings and other events. Here you have earned hundreds of euros for an event that at first seems even more interesting. But you must first get such an order, do a very good job under the pressure of time and also write the invoice. You shouldn’t cut back on post-processing either: you need to view and edit hundreds of photos, which takes a lot of time.

Make Money with Photography

The best photo uploading sites for photography

  1. Photodune: You deduct 50 to 60 percent commission from customers on this site. This site has a collection of about 63 billion photos.
  2. Shutter stock: On this site, you deduct 20 to 30 percent commission from the customer. This site has a collection of about 120 million photos.
  3. One to Three F (123 rf): About 30 to 60 percent of the commission is deducted from this site. This site has a collection of about 105 million photos.
  4. Getty image: On this site, 25 to 45 percent commission is deducted. There are about 36 million pictures on this site.
  5. I stock photo: 20 to 45 percent commission is deducted from this site. There are approximately 37 million photos on this site.
  6. Dreams time: About 25 to 60 percent commission is deducted here. There are 71 million photos stored here.
  7. Alamy: Here 50 percent commission is deducted. There are about 145 million pictures.
  8. Big Stock Photos: About 30 percent of the commission is deducted. About 63 million pictures are stored here.

Photography is a passion for many people, again a profession for many. Whatever addiction or occupation, it is possible to earn money by selling good quality photography online. Any image that is able to meet the needs of a specific website or buyer is likely to be sold.

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