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Know some easy ways for better fitness

The easiest exercise for good fitness is the run. No need to admit in any gym, No stereotype training is required. During busy times, Try to manage some free times and run for few minutes. Time and money both will save and weight will decrease.

Take a pair of sports shoe, which is comfortable to wear and a bottle of drinking water. you can also take a headphone and a music player with you. Now start running, And of course, without the initial mistakes, run correctly.

Do not take a heavy meal at least two hours before the run. A light meal can be taken, Such salad or a protein drink. However,  never when the stomach is full! It will slow the speed of your running.

You do not need to waste time trying to warm up before running. just Start running slowly, that will warm your body automatically.

You have to avoid smooth sole shoes. While running you will need to support of the ground. It is not possible by smooth sole shoes. So try to take the cog-footed sole shoes. Sometimes take some rest in the middle of the running. Remember, walking quickly is also productive like running.

After a successful run, you can take a bath. You may feel mild pain in your hands and legs. But don’t worry, if you run on next day it will be gone. A little warm can be felt in the body, However, it is not a matter of fear. Take some rest, everything will be fine.

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