Learning to Make Great Coffee at Home

Coffee recipes are easy. From the article, you will learn about mocha coffee recipes, latte coffee, espresso coffee recipes.  You can make these coffees at home if you want.

Mocha coffee

To make the cafe mocha, you need to mix 30 ml of espresso, 15 grams of chocolate powder, and 200 ml of boiled milk. If you badly want to taste chocolate, you should mix the chocolate powder in bulk. In the café mocha, there will also be 1-1.5 cm milk foam like a café latte. On top of which you can make random designs with chocolate powder.

Latte coffee

The café latte will have to be espresso cooked before. Thirty milliliters of espressos will mix 220 milliliters of milk. The café lighter will have a space of 1-1.5 centimeters of milk foam (milk foam). This foam was created at Coffee Shop by high steam with milk. However, while brewing cafes, you can purchase café late foam making machines from the shop. Without Foam, drinking this coffee you may feel drinking ordinary milk coffee.

Espresso coffee recipes

Without a coffee shop, you will need a stovetop machine to make homemade espresso. When hot coffee is extracted with hot water under intense pressure, it is called espresso.

The bottom of the stovetop machine or the water filling in the chamber should be filled with coffee powder in the filter above it. Securely hold the cup over it and place the stovetop machine on the stove.

For 1 cup of an espresso shot, put 1 gm of coffee under 8 gm of coffee powder and leave the stovetop on the stove for 4 to 5 minutes. The upper part of the coffee powder will be frozen in a short time. Whose name is espresso?

Basic coffee recipes

Grind the coffee with a grinder and make coffee at home using a ‘coffee plunger’. To make 3 cups of coffee with a coffee plunger, you will need 350 ml of boiling water and 50 grams of coffee powder.

First, put the coffee powder in the coffee plunger and pour hot water into it. After waiting for 4  to 5 minutes pulling the handle over the coffee plunger, slowly the bottom of the handle will be made coffee’.

Coffee effects are good for the body. The benefits of coffee are weight loss. Coffee benefits for skin,  coffee has antimicrobial properties that protect the skin against germs.  Health benefits of coffee beans are the reduced risk of diabetes, reduced risk of Heart disease. It is best to take small amounts daily to get the benefit of coffee. This will reduce health risks and stress and benefit from drinking coffee.

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