Physical Exercise For Fitness

According to the American Center for Disease Control in every month, about 48% of Americans are taking some kinds of medicine through prescription and the percentage is continuously rising for the last decades. In fact, Americans expanded 234 billion dollars in the year 2008 against prescribed medicines.

Some people have the myth that all diseases are curable with medicines, for ultimate healing! And no need to do anything by themselves.  They think that no need to follow the correct lifestyles, there are medicines there are cures! These ideas are not true in fact. Where is our chance to change our lifestyles?

Physicians also give emphasis on medicines! So, medicine producing companies and representatives of the pharmaceutical industries always keep themselves busy to motivate the doctors and physicians.

This is a business style now. Doctors and patients both sides consider that taking medicine is easier than to make changes in lifestyles.Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc are nowadays called lifestyle diseases.In lack of physical exercise habit, it’s almost impossible to control diabetes. About 25 million people of America are suffering from diabetes.

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