Skin Care

Daily Skin Care & Body Fitness

Eat Plenty of foods and Vegetables whole grains and meats also keep your skin as healthy.Your skin is tight as per your body health. try to drink 8 glass of water daily.most of the important thing sleep well and always on time sleep at least 8 hours a day. Clean your face daily with fresh water and you can also use face wash it can clear your skin and gives look better.protect your skin from sun rays because it can damage your skin you can also use sunblock.try to live tension free.

how can your body sharp and look better?now we are talking about body can smart your body by doing daily exercises like running at least 4 KM per day and do basic exercises some of the exercises are very good for your body

  • Running
  • Pushups
  • Abdomen exercise

To follow these all instruction you can look smart, better and more beautiful


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