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Back Pain: The Universal Sports Injury

Well, for a healthy life, People are now focusing on building muscle, body fitness, yoga, martial arts etc. But one problem particularly is bothering everyone.   I think you have guessed it too. Back Pain!

Almost every famous athlete suffered from it once in their life.  80% people diagnosed with it suffer from lower back pain. As most people, try to shape their body as fast as they can, they focus less on its impact on their own body. But exercise and fitness training should match our physical ability. Otherwise, it may have a long-term effect on our spine. The lower back problem may lead even to paralysis.  So, for proper health and fitness, back pain should be taken seriously.

Female athlete’s especially martial artist and weightlifters suffer from back pain pretty often. Women’s fitness issues related to back pain are very common. The reason behind having back pain is still not clear to doctors. It may happen due to lack of calcium, water, family fitness issue (DNA or Gene related), injury etc.

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Anamika Das

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