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How to become a better fit in less time

Better Fit In Less Time

Fitness is a term we use to express or to describe someone with physical health, but to achieve this fitness you must know that there are no shortcuts to get to it and the main key is healthy eating and exercise healthy eating first because it is the most important Perhaps the biggest enemy prevents …

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Control Your High Blood Pressure

The 17 May is the International High Blood Pressure Day. This day is being observed from the 17 May 2005 every year to increase public consciousness and to encourage the public to be able to get rid of the disease. One of the high lights of World High Blood Pressure …

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Peanut : A Wonderful Nutrient Food

On the park bench and at gatherings most popular and cheap item is fried peanut in many countries. It’s also called groundnut or earthnut. Peanut contains plenty of proteins which help to build our body and body muscles. It contains one kind of acid called the acid which reduces harmful …

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