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Tips for Health and Fitness: Just Exercise

Having good health and fitness will prolong your life and improve the quality of living. You can never take your health and fitness for granted. Just eat 50% full and exercise 3 times per day for 20 minutes per round. This takes discipline at first, but it will definitely improve your health and fitness in the long run.

A 103-year old lady shared her longevity in the news: she eats only 50% full. Obviously, she has good health and fitness in this golden age of retirement. By eating less, you will not put on unnecessary weight and be obese which is a disease itself. It will cause many ailments and an obese person will be at a higher risk of getting sickness like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and all the other dreaded illness.

Also exercise regularly. Swimming is an excellent exercise for good health and fitness as it uses up all the muscle groups compare to walking. It is also gentle on the joints especially on the knees as compare to jogging or running.



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  1. I always find time to do exercise in order to maintain my weight. This tips are essential for our daily life..

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