What is The Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a machine used to brew coffee. Though making coffee is a simple process, the coffee maker is faster and more convenient. Coffee makers are like an angel to the coffee lovers on this planet. They are available in many shapes and sizes. A coffee maker works by passing hot water through grounded coffee in a basket with a disposable paper filter or a reusable mesh and directed into the funnel. Then the hot coffee is poured out from the outlet.

Coffee maker evolution over time:

Roasted and ground coffee beans were placed in a pot or pan, to which hot water was added, followed by attachment of a lid to commence the infusion process. Early designs featured a pot with a flat expanded bottom to catch sinking grounds and a sharp pour spout that traps the floating grinds. Other designs feature a wide bulge in the middle of the pot to catch grounds when coffee is poured. Nowadays, all coffee makers are automated machines. So we are just a button away from coffee now. All we have to do is maintain the coffee powder stock in them. These grounded coffee are especially available in the market for these machines. Since we cannot manually add sugar and milk in these coffee makers, coffee grounds are mixed with grounded sugar and powdered milk in advance itself.

Availability of coffee makers:

They are available in the conventional markets as well on e-commerce websites at very reasonable prices. They are available in various sizes as per the requirement. It is a boon for so many coffee addicts out there. Coffee is said to have soothing properties and improves concentration. It is a must-have in most of the offices today. Some of the machines are multi-functional, in the sense that it can brew coffee as well as prepare tea and tomato soup alongside.

Disadvantages of coffee makers:

As the universe works, all good things have a bad side too. The same applies to the coffee makers too. The biggest disadvantage to be noted is the maintenance charges. The coffee stock has to be maintained all the time. Cleaning has to do regularly. Since the coffee has sugar in it, it attracts bugs, which are sometimes found in the poured out coffee. Some of these machines reportedly have fire hazards too. Other than this, coffee makers are pure bliss to us.

For some people, each sip of coffee is like little drops of Heaven in their mouths, and coffee makers makes our life easier by letting them have it when they just can’t wait! Not only it saves our time, but coffee makers are also a lot cheaper compared to the Starbucks or Barista or Cafe Coffee Day brews we order(though with a degraded taste). No matter the taste, we’ll find the perfect cup with the coffee makers more effortlessly than the conventional method which means it will finally nip in our taste bud once and for all.

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