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SEO Tools How to Improve Website Visibility

Definitely, SEO is a very useful tool today as it allows us to improve the visibility of our website, this, in turn, helps to generate better profits.

In recent years there are many pages have obtained a better positioning due to the use of these tools.

It also helps the pages of which one is a user to acquire a better positioning so that these, in turn, can obtain more visits, although for this there are various factors of which two are the most important, such as authority and the relevance of the content.

Next, I am going to explain what each of them consists of approximately.

The authority consists basically of the number of visits that a certain website has, I mean that the more valuable the information it contains, the more visits it will get and it is basically measured in the number of times that a certain user shares a page Web

The next point to deal with is the relevance of a page, this means that the content has to be closely related to what you are looking for.

SEO is divided into two groups which we will explain below:

ON-SITE: this means when the most important thing is the relevance of the content, it means that the web is optimized to understand the main content and its loading, here we can find: keywords, user experience, code optimization, and formats of the URL.

OFF-SITE: this part basically focuses on all factors external to the web page in which you are working, here we can find the number and quality of links, the presence it has on social networks, the number of mentions that it possesses in local media, the authority of the brand and the performance it has in search results

Once the difference between both terms is known, we continue with the explanation of what is black hat SEO and White hat SEO.

The black hat SEO consists of the way to improve the position of a finished website through unethical or moral procedures such as spam or comments in different relevant forums or also in blogs, in the long term this strategy is not very relevant and has a short duration.

On the other hand, White hat SEO is the opposite and is obtained through morally correct procedures. In this way, it is possible for a page to obtain a better positioning with lasting results over time.

Finally, I want to highlight the importance of SEO, this makes the web page more useful for users who are doing a certain search, this helps to see how useful a page can be and if this will serve users or not.

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